EZ Reregister Online User Guide

You can access EZ Reregister Online at http://ezreregister.com/ezo/login.php. The login page 
also has the link  to subscribe to the online service if you haven't done so yet.

If you haven't subscribed yet, the “Subscribe to EZ Reregister Online” link will take you to the 
page where you  can purchase a subscription. At this time, the subscription length is 366 days.

Online Registration

Once you complete your purchase, a Registration page will allow you to enter your User Data.

Enter your PIN Number, a User Name (used for logging into the site), First Name, Last Name, and 
Email Address.  Enter and confirm a password for logging into the site.

Any letters in your PIN will automatically be converted to upper case letters, so it doesn't matter 
if you enter them  in lower case. When you see your PIN displayed on other pages, the letters will 
be in upper case.

After you complete and submit the Registration information, you'll see a confirmation page with a 
link back to the login page.

Once you sucessfully login, the header at the top of the page will change, allowing you acess to 
the features of  EZ Reregister Online.

NOTE: After 5 minutes of inactivity on any page, you will be logged out of EZ Reregister Online. 
You will need  to login again, and any unsaved changes will be lost.

User Data

Clicking on the “User Data” link at the top of the page will display your user information.

At the right side of the page is the “Service Ends” date. This date is 366 days from the date you  
subscribed to the online service.

After this date, you won't be able to login to your account without re-subscribing to the online 
service. Your User  and Application Data will continue to exist in the database for a short time. If 
you re-subscribe before the data is purged, you can continue to login and use your data as before. 
If you re-subscribe after the data expires, you'll need to re-enter it all again.

Clicking on the “Edit” link at the left of the page will allow you to edit any of your information except 
your PIN number (that can only be done after selecting “Email Messages”, and then “Reregistration 
Request” - more information on that later).

After you change any user information and then click “Submit”, a message will be displayed 
confirming that your changes have been saved.

Application Data

Clicking “Application Data” at the top of the page displays all of your Application Data.

To add a new Application record, click the “Add New Application” link at the top of the page.

Your PIN number will be automatically populated in the User PIN field. Enter the Application Name, 
Registration Code, Vendor Email, and “Yes” if you want to request a new registration code for this 
application when sending a request for new Registration Codes (covered in “Email Messages”).

From the main Application Data page, clicking “Edit” will allow you to edit your Application records.

To delete an Application Record, click on the “Delete” link that corresponds to the application. 
You'll be given the choice of deleting the application, or not deleting it.

Email Messages

There are two types of Email Messages that can be created by EZ Reregister Online, a Test 
Message, and a Reregistration Request Message.

A Test Message is a message sent to every application vendor; the purpose of the message is to 
verify you can contact the vendor It contains your First Name, Last Name, PIN number, and 
email address.

The other message type is a Reregistration Request message. This message is sent only to 
application vendors where you selected “Yes” for “Request Reregistration ?”.

In order to send this message, you'll be required to enter your new PIN number. Both your old 
and new PIN numbers will be included in the message to each vendor, along with the APPLICATION 

After the email messages are sent, your User Data and all of your Application Records will be 
updated with your new PIN number.

For both message types, you'll be copied on each message that is sent. After clicking “Send” 
for either message type, a confirmation page will be displayed showing how many messages 
were sent.

Changing Your Password

If you want to change your password, click the “Change Password” link at the top of the page.

Your PIN Number and Current Password are used to verify your identity before changing your 
password. While your Registered Email address is prefered, you can enter any email address 
where you wish to receive an email confirmation of your password change.

You will see a page confirming that your password has been changed, and receive a confirmation 
email as well.

Reset Your Password

If you forget your password, you can reset it yourself.

You can access the page to reset your password from the “I Forgot My Password” link on the Login 
page. You'll need to enter your PIN and the email address that's in your User Record to reset your 

Once your password is reset, you will see your temporary password displayed, along with a link 
to the Login page. You'll also receive a confirmation email with the temporary password.

Logging Out

Once you click the “Logout” link at the top of the page, you'll see a page confirming that you've been 
logged out of EZ Reregister Online.

If you have questions not covered here, feel free to send an email message to support@ezreregister.com.